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Ittefaq ElectroTech is a growing startup aiming to provide a wide range of technological and scientific services and products to the growing market of engineers and industrialists. With a great core comprising of electrical, mechanical and computer engineering, we stand with the most sound and cutting-edge services currently and hoping to increase our domain to more and more industries, fields and concepts.

What to expect from our

PCB Design and Fabrication Service

The PCB design and fabrication service at Ittefaq ElectroTech is based on highly researched sets of technologies which not only ensure faster operation but a quality of PCB's which are not found anywhere in such a low cost. We are aiming to research more and more techniques electrically, chemically and mechanically to reduce the cost and increase the quality much more. Until then, enjoy these perks when getting your PCB designed and fabricated from us.

Very Low Isolation

With our laser-powered copper isolation method, we can deliver PCB's with a minimum isolation of up to 100 μm. This means that smaller PCBs with a higher level of accuracy in the placement of copper tracks is accessible now at just a few clicks.

Quality Assurance

Before delivery, each and every PCB is sent through a series of electrically detailed tests to confirm their quality so the customer can be free of worries of any electrical hazard to arise when using the PCB. We make sure that the PCB can bear its desired current and voltage ratings for the required loads without fail.

High Customization

We offer a wide set of customizations for our customers to choose from when getting their PCBs. They can choose what material they want, how the isolation and drilling will go, how to finish the surfance and much more, based on the application. For ease of access, we also have presets with some options pre-selected for you.

Timely Delivery

Since most of the fabrication process is automated within our company, we allow a very strict precision in the times of delivery to our customers. We quote the time required for us along with the quote for the PCB and assure our customer for a delivery on time, if not much before it.

Our Future Endeavors

Electrical and Electronics Solutions

Get the most reliable and speedy electrical and electronics solutions for any of your own products on the go. We aim to provide design, testing and manufacturing consulatation as well as direct service in the process to aid you in building something you can be proud of. Our team is adept at creating circuitry and mechanical parts for smaller to larger scale applications, ranging from microcontroller assemblies to industrial machinery.

Industrial Robotics

With the rapid advancement in the scientific and engineering technologies in the industrial sectors, automated robotics has become a need for many industries for dangerous labor or repetitive tasks. We are in progress of researching and developing customizable robotic machines as well as a highly flexible firmware for specific as well as general-purpose robotics with varying maximum loads.

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